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Association Families

  Milton Turner (M.T.) Westmoreland Family

Robert Drewy (R.D.) Westmoreland Family
    Robert Kermit Westmoreland Family
         Larry Westmoreland Family
    Wayne Orville Westmoreland Family 
         Robert Westmoreland

Briney Westmoreland Family
    Raymond Westmoreland Family
    Stella Isabel Westmoreland Dial Mason Family
    Arlo Westmoreland Family
    Charlie Westmoreland Family
    Tom Westmoreland Family

 John Westmoreland Family

    JB Westmoreland Family
    Ruby Westmoreland Dunn Family
    Lela B Westmoreland Tidwell Family
    Joe Westmoreland Family
    Paul Westmoreland Family

E H (Earnest Hayes) Westmoreland Family

Sally Westmoreland Family

Ida Westmoreland Carter Family


Individual Members

Phillip R. Westmoreland, Mass

Kerry Richardson, Knottingham England
An artist of note who specializes in the ancient art of celtic knotworks
Khyle Westmoreland's Mum

Sherry Elaine Westmoreland Millwood
I am a descendent from Robert Lee Westmoreland


Family Newsletters

None Available at Present

Reunions and Meetings

California Westmoreland Reunion, Sonora, California (Yearly in June)

Westmoreland Family Reunion every Sept. in Cleveland GA
Sherry Elaine Westmoreland Millwood


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Larry Westmoreland Home Page

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